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Affordable, Supportive Housing, Creating a Stable Environment.

No one NEEDS to be homeless.

Without stable accommodation and a positive support system in place to help address their underlying problems, most homeless people become caught up in ‘the cycle of homelessness’.  Bouncing from one emergency system to the next, from on the street, to shelters, to public hospitals, to psychiatric institutions and detox/rehabilitation centres, they inevitably revert back to the streets. The cost of this ‘cycle of homelessness’ is extremely high, both in human and economic resources.

Supportive housing is COST-EFFECTIVE.

Essentially it costs the same to house someone in stable, supportive housing as it does to keep that person homeless and stuck in the revolving door of high-cost crisis care and emergency housing. Here at Face 2 Face Foundations, cost studies have proved that we can either waste money keeping people in a homeless environment or spend those dollars on a long-term solution that produces positive results for people and our communities.

Encouraging STABLE and PRODUCTIVE lives.

Supportive housing is a successful, cost-effective combination of affordable housing and services that help people live stable and productive lives.  Supportive housing is designed for people facing complex challenges in their lives. These individuals and families are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. They may have very low incomes and serious persistent social issues that may include substance abuse, mental illness, and social disease.